Is Cloning Good Or Harmful? Essay

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They Have Been Here All Along
Cloning is not solely a big science-fiction thing like most people think it is. Cloning is real and is currently in use to this day and in various ways. Cloning has made a big difference in the world but has not received its right to fame due to the well-known rumors about it or overstated few odd facts about it. However, cloning is used in more ways than most people think or imagine. There are many small things that are being made in the world by cloning and the world is better due to its use. Cloning is extremely helpful and it is used to make medicine, it has a positive economic impact and can improve the lives of all living things.
Cloning has always been thought of as something futuristic like something right out of a mad scientists mind, as in movie or book. It has been used in countless media forms such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park and many other iconic films. The media betrayal has put cloning to fame. Most of the world has heard of cloning and many ideas come to mind, however most of the thoughts that come to mind are misconstrued and outdated due to media misconceptions and conclusions drawn upon by the public. That being said, cloning’s overall myths or rumors get built into what people believe to become common knowledge or facts about cloning. Cloning is much more than just making a copy of a person or some kind of object.
Dolly the sheep was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. Other living things had been cloned before
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