Is Cloud Security Isn 't Enough?

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4. Cloud Security Isn’t Enough
Computers are susceptible to many different attack forms when not properly monitored and protected. Hackers use many different methods to infect your system. Trojans, a type of virus, is one of the most common ways that hackers use to gain access to your system. Trojan viruses are named after the Trojan horse in the Latin epic poem The Aeneid. In this story the Greeks built a giant wooden horse as an apology to the people of troy. Little did the people of Troy know, a large number of soldiers were hiding inside. When the people of troy took the horse inside their castle, the soldiers obliterated the city. This same method is used with viruses. A user downloads a program or piece of software that they need, but harmful code is hidden inside the program. Let’s say I downloaded a game from the internet that had a Trojan horse inside of it. The game may actually run and function fully, however, it could be secretly logging my keystrokes or back-dooring my computer. The term backdoor is a process of bypassing authentication into a system, creating a remote connection, and allowing remote access or control from the hacker, all while remaining undetected. When a hacker has your computer back-doored it is possible for them to do anything they want as if they were right there in front of your computer. Hackers, when they successfully have gained access to your computer, often install keyloggers. A keylogger is the process of logging or recording what

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