Is Democracy The Besy For Of Government?

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“IS DEMOCRACY THE BESY FOR OF GOVERNMENT?” What is democratic government? Democratic form of government is a sort in which all the societies of a state, have the equal power to elect their leader i.e. to select members by determining and voting through free and fair elections. Also the people have a say in any verdict. Principally ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people.’ The most key elements of democracy primarily are free and fair election and public liberty of opinion manifestation. Other than that several aspects also comprise; citizen contribution, equivalence, governmental progressiveness, accountability, unambiguousness and economic independence. In our day democracy is found universally. There are almost 153 democratic nations. Speaking about the world’s finest democracies, it fluctuates according to the meaning of democracy according to every country but according to a 2013 index the top ten democratic countries are: 1. Norway 2. Sweden 3. Iceland 4. Denmark 5. New Zealand 6. Austria 7. Switzerland 8. Canada 9. Finland 10. Luxemburg Is democracy the best system of government? Nowadays, there are countless structures of government in the world, some of which are just on paper, others are functioning, but between all the forms of government structures, the best of all, which has been verified and trusted for eras, is democracy just as Ronald Reagan said; ‘it is the most deeply honourable form of government ever

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