Plato and Aristotle on Democracy Essay examples

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Aldi Myteberi

Question 1.

Democracy is a form of government where people choose leaders through elections and social construct that are based on the equality of everyone within the state. It is a form of government were majority and public opinions combine to choose leaders with respect to the social structure of a particular society, taking into consideration the social laws, rules, traditions, norms, values, and culture. Plato and Aristotle tow of the most influential figures in Greek philosophy. Both Plato and Aristotle were big critics of democracy as a poor form of government. Aristotle’s views about democracy hold that democratic office will cause corruption in the people, if the people choose to redistribute the wealth of the …show more content…

The exaggerating is a major problem for those trying to develop an opinion because they draw their views based on public opinion.
How well do these philosophers arguments apply to today’s democracies? For the purpose of this essay we will be looking at the United States of America as an example. In Plato’s view democracy creates men who believe “insolence is good breeding, anarchy freedom, extravagance munificence, and shamelessness courage is found to be somewhat true in democracy today. In many counter cultures such as Punk/gothic it is evident that many American believe insolence to be good breeding. Anarchy on the other had is the most free a person could ever get. If we take a close look at the current economic system in the U.S in which a free market economic system is preferred. In a free market economy the government tends to stay out of regulating the markets. When the governments does not agree with the way business is operating and tries to step in and regulate it, people of influence such as big businessman or commentators that have a big say and control in the public opinion step in to ease the governments grip. Even the general public dislikes it when the government is interfering with their affairs and would like more autonomy, while they do not necessarily harbor drams of anarchy these are anarchist tendencies. When it comes to extravagant within America are very commonly seen as munificent individuals. This is based on the trickledown effect which

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