Essay Is Enough Being Done to Preserve Languages?

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Kuzmenko Elena AE5 06.08.2012 Is enough being done to preserve languages? Throughout history the world has consisted of many cultures and languages, some of them have been dominant, some of them have been minor. Until the 20th century global and minority languages have continued a peaceful coexistence that has provided cultural diversity for the Earth. In the present this balance has been broken and most of indigenous languages tend to disappear. Although worldwide scientists do not spare efforts to stop this extinction, there is a debate whether it is sufficient to do for saving extinct languages or not. Some experts suggest that some positive trends have emerged in linguistic field which can alleviate the…show more content…
In the recent years several potent foundations have been created in order to invest considerable amount of money for these purposes. According to Wayt-Gibbs(2002), the Volkswagen foundation has helped to establish a multimedia archive in the Netherland and collect data on dozen rare languages. Moreover, owing to the Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund, in the UK linguists will probably manage to record and save about 100 minor languages (Wayt Gibbs, 2002). In fact, these immense documentation projections can be more beneficial for science rather than common people, since the preservation does not contribute using minority languages in the real life. To sum up, due to some constructive projects that have raised interest and investment to saving endangered languages, scientists hope to stop language extinction. However, there are an impressive number of pessimistic forecasts to further existence of linguistic variety in our planet. The greatest concern is caused by rate of dying minor languages especially in developed countries. Krauss, a linguistic professor at the University of Alaska, states that about 3 000 languages will have vanished by the end of the century. For example, only two of 20 languages known in Alaska have been learn by children (Wayt-Gibbs, 2002). Moreover, the Navajo tongue is also on the danger list because only elder people speak
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