Is Eris Colder Than Neptune

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Did you know that Eris is colder than Neptune? Eris is the furthest dwarf planet from the sun, and is also the most massive of the currently recognized dwarf plants. Planet Eris extends far beyond the Kuiper Belt, a zone of icy debris beyond the orbit of Neptune. Eris is so far from the sun that its atmosphere sometimes freezes due to lack of sunlight. Over the course of the hundreds of years it takes the Eris to orbit the Sun, it thaws as it gets closer to the Sun’s heat.
According to Space, the temperature of Eris is -231degrees Celsius, which is colder than Neptune. No country has current plans to travel to Eris in the near future. Mike Brown, founder of Eris, has done much research on Eris ever since 2005. A fact that Mike is

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