Essay on Is Euthanaisa Ethical?

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Is Euthanasia Ethical?

Euthanasia is a major ethical topic all around the world. Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of a person for the benefit of that person. In most cases euthanasia is carried out because the person who dies asks for it, but there are cases in euthanasia where people are unconscious, in a coma or unstable and can’t make that decision. Some people focus on how people should die without pain and if someone wants to be injected they should be allowed. Other people believe that it is against the law and religiously wrong so you shouldn’t do it.
People should be allowed to die in dignity and without pain. There are cases when you have to make a decision to follow your heart or follow the law; this is one of those
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In the Netherlands voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide are still criminal offences, but doctors are exempt from criminal charge in certain circumstances. The Netherlands Criminal agency says that “the doctor, must be convinced that the patient has made a voluntary and well-considered request to die, he must be convinced that the patient is facing interminable and unendurable suffering, he has to inform the patient about his situation and his prospects, together with the patient, they must be convinced that there is no other reasonable solution. He has to be consulted at least with one other independent doctor who has seen the patient, and given his written assessment of the due care requirements as referred to in the points above, you must help the patient to die with due medical care. The Dutch law also agrees in children over 16 to have a choice in whether to die or not, but it has to be accepted by their guardian. These laws are completely reasonable and there hasn’t been any up roar in Germany about this.
Some non religious people think that suffering has value, it isn’t just people who believe in god that dislike euthanasia. M Scott Peck believes that with pain and suffering you learn how to cope in bad situations. He says different people have different pain thresholds, for instance, one person could be moaning and crying from a bullet in the arm, others could be completely calm
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