Is Explanation A Prerequisite For Prediction?

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Is Explanation a Prerequisite for Prediction? Explore this question in relation to two areas of knowledge. Prerequisite is best described as something that is required as a prior condition. In this case, it is whether explanation, described as a reason or justification given for an action, belief, dynamic or phenomena is considered a prerequisite for prediction; which is an assertion of a future state, sequence of events, or emerging dynamic. This paper will seek to answer this question through two areas of knowledge; Human and Natural Sciences arguing that depending on specific cases, it is apparent that for certain predictions an explanation is necessary, while for others it is not. A major knowledge question this raises is, to what extent does one need to be able to explain phenomena in the Natural Sciences before we can make predictions about how the world behaves? To make predictions about future climate, an understanding of causality is necessary. Organisations such as the IPCC have collected data about C02 emissions and increasing temperatures of the world and have created a link between the two to arrive at a prediction that links these two sets of information into creating a final prediction such as increase of CO2 emissions + Increasing Global temperatures = global warming (caused by CO2). However, in this case, the quality of prediction is hampered by an inadequate explanation of causality. Through a basic and analytical look into the data and other
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