Is Global Warming Real or Not?

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Is Global Warming Real or Not? 70% of people in the world think that global warming is real and 12% say its not happening at all. Well to you non-believers did you ever wonder way places that were beautiful aren't so beautiful now? For example the Arctic a winter wonderland now big, huge, super deep, pool almost gone. Its happening everywhere and it affects everything and everyone. There are tons of thoughts on Global Warming(G.W) on if its happening or not. Not many people believe in climate change(G.W), “but the people who do believe want the government to take part or take some kind of action and help make it more serious matter”( Scott Clement-Washington Post). They think it should be a one if the number one priority. 34% of people say GW is a big serious threat to the world and 64% of people say that it is no threat whats so ever. You would also think that people would believe in what scientist say because they’re the exports and they're the ones with the money to conduct the experiments to see what's happening, no, 35% of americans have little faith in scientists and 26% think that they are telling the truth. “Not to mention no more than 16% of american say there will be no effect of G.W in their lifetime and about 8% say it will happen, they think that its going to happen in the distant future not the present” (Karlyn Bowman and Jennifer Marsico from What they don’t realize that G.W is already affecting us. people who think its not going to happen

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