Is Homework Really Helpful?

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Homework. Everybody has it. it’s just a fact of life for any middle school student. You go to school, and you work. You come home and you work some more. Work at home. Homework. it’s been given out and policed for so long that no one really questions it anymore. But now we are. Homework doesn’t help; it hurts. Middle schoolers in particular should not be assigned homework.

First of all, most teachers give out homework because they believe the practice will help kids understand and learn more easily, and it makes them better, smarter students. However, according to Connecticut Department of Education’s Manual on Policy Development, the few studies that have been done on the relationships between homework and student achievements have
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But for good reason. Homework takes away time from more important things, causes pressure, --heck, it causes suicides!-- it is unfair, and most importantly, it doesn’t help. Honestly, teachers, you have a choice; you can either have us be completely focused on homework and grades, missing out on a better life, or we can live a more healthy lifestyle, during which we can learn from experience, not textbooks, and maybe have a chance to make some changes in the world. It is time to decide.


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