Is Israel’s Very Survival Dependent on the Creation of a Stable and Viable Palestinian State?

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Prompt: Is Israel’s very survival dependent on the creation of a stable and viable Palestinian state? Let us have ambitions; ambitions to move beyond the violence and occupation, to the day when two states, Palestine and Israel, can live together side by side in peace and security. ~King Abdullah II. In the country of Israel there are two conflicting ethnic/religious groups, the Israelis and the Palestinians. Israelis have most of the power, and run the actual state of Israel, whereas Palestinians have only inconsequential amounts of authority outlined by the Oslo Accords, for this reason, there has been ongoing conflict amongst Israelis and Palestinians. This conflict began when the Romans expelled Jews from this area in 31 BCE, which …show more content…

Israelis have been oppressing Palestinians for a long time, which caused and causes, many different disagreements. As per the word of Khouri, Israel could indeed survive without Palestinian statehood, but only if surrounded by massive walls and protective missile shields (Khouri, Document 1). This statement illustrates the fact that Palestinians are unhappy with the Israelis and Israel’s survival depends upon the creation of a Palestinian state. Without Palestinian statehood, terrorist groups like Hamas would continue to attack Israel, and with partial justification. According to a map by Rima Najjar-Merriman, since 1946 the land of Israel has morphed from mostly Palestinian land to mostly Israeli land, but there are still the same number of Palestinians (Merriman, Document 3). This Palestinian loss of land has contributed greatly to the oppression of Palestinians. Another contributing factor is the fact that, as shown by a map titled “Israeli Settlement Population Growth,” Israeli occupation in Palestinian areas, like the West Bank has skyrocketed, forcing many Palestinians into extreme poverty (Document 7). It is circumstances like these that have caused Palestinian oppression, and thus discontent, which then have been instrumental in the decline in Israeli safety. If Palestine was granted statehood, both Israelis and Palestinians would be safer, in general.
Even more so,

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