Is It A Statement?

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Swetha Balaji
Phil 186, Section 2
Undoubtedly, businesses make a statement in today’s world. Businesses affect a wide part of society from technology to food. In order for businesses to run efficiently and properly, rules must be met. Managing and working with several groups of people are not easy jobs, it takes commitment and motivation to take on various roles. In general when people make decisions, it comes from their morals, and what they consider right and wrong. A number of moral theories are behind the final decisions made in businesses.
Specifically, Utilitarianism, founded by John Betham in the 1800s was one of the normative moral theories that was used to basically maximize utility and increase happiness. Under the branch …show more content…

Utilitarians look at the entire picture and the whole outlook of their actions. They take an interest in the positive results of their actions and as well as the overall outcome. Happiness and satisfaction is what most utilitarians center their actions and morals behind around. They believe that when it brings about joy, it is the right thing to do. Just as utilitarians look at overall outcome, they also consider the long-term effects of their actions. The example in the lecture that helped me understand this concept is the one where it talks about lying might seem like easy and convenient way to get out of hard situation, but if the people that that were lied to found out, your reputation will most likely be spoiled. There are no better words to describe “utilitarianism” other than it being “universal, maximizing and aggregative” for the following reasons. The theory of utilitarianism is universal because it tries to understand everyone’s interests. I think this is great since everyone can equally receive the chance to be heard. This system is not based on ranks nor is priority given to a particular class. There needs to balance in a society but in this case everyone is an equal. It is associated with being aggregative because not only is happiness the one that is measured but also unhappiness of each person affected by the action establishes its whole value. The negative consequences are taken into account but in the aggregate, the undesirable

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