Is It Life Over Death?

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Valuing Life Over Death
Life should always be the sovereign choice for all patients questioning whether life or death is best, even if the physical and mental suffering is extreme. Euthanasia is a topic that has been speculated all over the world for several years. It is defined as ‘dying well’ or ‘good death’ in Greek (Ahmed 306), and it was discovered to help give patients another way to ease their pain and suffering. It has only been legalized in four states and three countries, but has been considered by several others. People question if euthanasia is killing or caring for those that are coping with terminal illnesses, but how can killing be considered as caring? Supporters believe that euthanasia will provide medical independence for patients by allowing them the right to death. Non-supporters believe that ending someone’s life, before God intends, is only destroying any form of independence that person has to begin with. Allowing patients to choose death over life will generate other issues that will strongly influence and hinder the medical society and the lives of those dealing with this unfortunate decision. Although it can be argued that patients deserve the right to end their lives, legalizing euthanasia will not cultivate greater medical freedom, but it will lead to influenced and unnecessary deaths, devaluation of life, and less encouragement towards the beneficial options of treatments.
By allowing patients to choose to end their lives early, there will be

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