Is It Really The Eater’S Fault For Obesity?. French Fries,

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Is It Really the Eater’s Fault for Obesity? French fries, cheeseburgers, and milkshakes are all too common today in the United States, though it may taste great, are the health issues that come with it worth that great tasting meal? That health issue is something everyone sees day to day whether they realize it or not, that health issue is obesity. Obesity has been a big issue in the United States for many years and it continues to be one of the biggest arguments whether it is the fault of the people or not. Radley Balko, senior editor at Reason, believes that the government isn’t doing the correct things when it comes to fighting obesity. As Balko states in his article “What You Eat Is Your Business”, “Instead of manipulating or …show more content…

campaign. Per Mrs. Obama, “We 've seen grocery store manufacturers putting healthy food there and keeping the prices low. Schools, classrooms are putting in salad bars. And kids are getting active during the day. It 's just been a real culture shift” (Michelle Obama). The Let’s Move! campaign, has been able to help children start to decrease the amount of food they eat with a healthier option of the meal. This is one of the strongest ways that the United States government has started to attack the obesity problem. Many may argue that this campaign has not changed anything in the seven years that it has been active and there has not been any change in the number of kids that are obese. I must disagree with this argument because the projected date to reduce the number of obese people was the year of 2030 and that the change is not going to be instant but it is rather going to take time and will take multiple steps for it to finally hit the point everyone wants to see. The obesity problem did not just happen overnight to get to the point that it is at so fixing the issue will not happen overnight either. Working together to help individualize our health issues will be the best way to end our issue. A lot of people in the U.S. want “to return individual Americans’ ownership of their own health and well-being back to individual Americans”

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