Is It Really Worth It?

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Is It Really Worth It? Has anyone ever thought about the consequences? Will one time be okay? Will my friends stop aggravating me to drink if I do? Will this really make me feel better? Most people never even think about these questions, it just wanders to the back of their mind. Before making a choice like teen drinking, they need to take a step back from the peer pressure and the depression. Peer pressure can play a major role on young teens who consume alcoholic beverages. Another big role that takes part is teens being depressed because their boyfriend/girlfriend broke up or had a fight. Which can also lead to peer pressure, by having friends that want to cheer them up and there is a huge party at Bryan’s that night. Long story…show more content…
Anyone can come to a conclusion that this song influences underage drinking in several ways. Many feel pressured by the artist to drink since; the singer is cool and hip. The two main reasons, among many others, are young teens drinking by peer pressure and depression. The facts of underage drinking are a bit shocking in some ways. “Underage drinking refers to the consumption of beverage alcohol…by persons 20 years of age and younger” (“Underage Drinking Glossary”). According to the article, Teens and Alcohol, around one and ten teenagers under the age of fourteen drink, and three in ten teens drink from the ages fifteen to seventeen. If those teens continue to drink it becomes addictive to the body. “They need to drink alcohol in order to function normally, and their drinking causes problems” (“Teens and Alcohol” 2). Nobody should have to turn out like this. The law of the legal drinking age of twenty-one, came in 1988. This law is still to this day not obeyed and causes traumatizing experiences. Although teen Americans drink for two main causes, the effects of drinking are diverse throughout them. In the book, the Night He Died by Brian F. Hoeflinger, it talks about the life wrecking experience about his son’s death. His son died in a car accident. He was under the influence and was angered, but continued to choose driving. He struck a tree and was taken to two different hospitals. “Brian was unconscious but with a faint heartbeat and barely
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