Is It 's What For Dinner?

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There are a myriad of books, articles, television shows, movies, and websites doing their utmost to inform us of how we should eat better and to stop eating foods that are known to be bad for our bodies. An article by Michael Jacobson, published on the website for U.S. News & World Report, was just such an article. In his piece “Politics: It’s What For Dinner”, Jacobson points out that we should eat healthier items, such as, fruit, vegetables, and cut back on eating fast food, processed foods, and drinks heavy with sugar. Most parents would probably want to be able to feed their families with healthier choices, if it did not cost an arm and a leg to buy healthier foods. Of course, this is easy to do for those that can afford to eat whole foods, non-processed grains, and organic vegetables. I shop frequently and usually search for fresh, healthy foods, but the costs take a huge chunk from my budget. Healthy foods are much easier to access these days, as compared to just a decade ago. I know the benefits of eating healthier foods outweigh what ill affects the chemicals and needless additives can and will do to my body. Most American’s probably know that foregoing fast foods and opting for healthier foods is a much better plan for our bodies and will increase our longevity, but it is much cheaper to buy the junk food and it is usually tastier. Also, for families that are on the go, running to and fro with appointments and school outings, fast foods are convenient and
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