Is Jesus Christ Or Non Christian?

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There are questions that frequently asked by people endlessly asked by those who met Jesus Christ indirect or directly, even today, regardless of if they are Christian or non-Christian, the question is “Who is Jesus Christ? “What is the Gospel?” To answer it simple way, Jesus can be found in the New Testament, especially the Gospels. From His attribute to characteristic and his sincerity, it helps readers to find the questions they had specifically who Jesus is. “It was important to mark that not even the disciples understand Jesus’ true identity before his death, for authentic Christian faith must include the cross and resurrection.”(Boring, 490)“As the meaning of Jesus’ identity as suffering Son of Man comes more sharply into focus, the inseparable bond between Christology and discipleship becomes more clear.”(Boring, 530) There is a method that could help approach the Christology in two ways, first one is the kenosis Christology “is able to portray the life of Jesus as an utterly human identification with the weakness of humanity and to present his suffering and death as real and salvific. Kenosis Christology could not tell the stories of people who became Christian believers during Jesus’ earthly life.”( on the other hand, “the epiphany Christology can tell powerful stories from the life of Jesus that communicate God’s saving act. Such stories were told as events within the pre-Easter framework of Jesus’ life but were told in the light of the Easter faith, by and for…

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