Is Justin Receive Therapy As Possible As Your Child?

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From my assessment of your child, I’d recommend that Justin receive therapy as soon as possible as your child is at his most tractable state in regards to controlling his stuttering, as there is evidence to suggest that children do lose their clinical tractability over time, which may be because early treatment facilitates early recovery. (Susan O’Brian & Onslow, 2011) It is also most convenient for you to begin treatment before school starts and before the baby comes as you currently have unrestricted access to your child, as most treatments require a large amount of time and commitment from you in order to implement the treatment outside of the clinic, at home and in the real world. It is also best to begin treatment prior to starting…show more content…
(Bricker-Katz, Lincoln, & McCabe, 2009) Therefore, treatment during this period in time would be strongly recommended to prevent any future implications in regards to his stuttering. Question 2. Lidcombe Program for early stuttering (USE WEEK 6) Sally is aged 4 years and 6 months and has a moderate stutter. You have completed an assessment and decided to begin treatment with the Lidcombe Program. 305 a. How would you describe the Lidcombe Program to the parent? Verbatim: The Lidcombe Program is a parent implemented behavioural treatment that uses methods known as verbal response contingencies for stutter free speech and unambiguous stuttering. (Packman, 2014) The program also requires measurements of stuttering severity from both you and I, which will allow the application of treatment goals consisting of 2 stages. Stage 1 is to achieve no stuttering or nearly no stuttering, and then stage 2 requires the maintenance of no stuttering or nearly no stuttering for a long period of time, which are both guided by the measurement of your child’s stuttering severity. You are also required to come in to clinic once every week so I can monitor your child’s progress and answer
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