Is Lying Bad For Us?

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Lying today is quite a disregarded subject, causing its reputation enough to make people uneasy. Most are taught at a young age that lying is substandard, lousy, or even cheap, and that you should never use it to your benefit. Of course we don’t want to be a lousy person, but what about lying makes it so? Why is it considered so immoral and frowned upon by many social norms? Luckily for us there are two very appealing essays that help us crack these baffling questions. In these essays, they define the meaning of a lie, why we always seem to use them, and if they are actually bad for us. In Stephanie Ericsson’s The Ways We Lie it talks about the different types of lies, how and why we use them and what consequences can be followed by each lie. Also, adding clarity is Richard Gunderman’s article Is Lying Bad for Us that talks about how people lie to cope with things, but also expresses how lying might be bad for our physical or mental health.
In Ericsson’s article, the first two paragraphs discusses her own experiences with lying and how she had recently done so to help cope with the headaches of her daily life. In the second paragraph she says “When my partner came home, his haggard face told me his day hadn’t gone any better than mine, so when he asked ‘How was your day?’ I said, ‘Oh, fine’ knowing that one more straw might break his back.” In the case of her example, you can obviously tell she lied to help out her husband, but by doing so, she faces the fall out of the lie
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