Is Man A Major Cause Of Climate Change?. Throughout History,

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Is man a major cause of climate change?
Throughout history, humans have accomplished many great feats. We have left Earth and landed on another world, we have explored the deepest parts of the oceans, we have sent probes into interstellar space, and we have acquired knowledge over the course of thousands of years to make such feats possible. Today, many aspects of our society are unprecedented as we venture into another chapter of history, but evidence produced within the last few decades suggests that our modern world may be taking a toll on Earth itself.
Regardless if we are taking a toll on Earth or not, the issue I am referring to goes by many names: Climate change, global warming, and global climate change. Climate change refers to
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It is now widely accepted that we are to blame for at least some of this. Our modern world runs on fossil fuels for both transportation as well as energy, which produces carbon dioxide. This encompasses almost all modes of transportation: Aircraft, ships, cars, buses trucks. Factories produce massive amounts of gases every year, especially in countries where there is little to no regulation on such gas production (EPA). A real life example of a planet with an atmosphere full of greenhouses gases is not too far away, sometimes called our sister planet, Venus has a mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere and thus traps most heat it receives while releasing very little of it. The average surface temperature is around 850 degrees Fahrenheit, and sulfuric acid rain is a common occurrence. Collectively we produce a significant amount of carbon dioxide (see Figure 1). We produce billions of tons of it every year, and our thirst for fossil fuels is only increasing. The figure provided does not include gas emitted from other means, such as reactions and methods used in factories (EPA). In 2000, we produced around 24 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which translates into 48,000,000,000,000 (48 trillion) pounds. We must also consider that, as a gas, it would expand enough to fill 6000 cubic miles of space. That’s also

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