Is Meat The New Ring?

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Is Meat the New Ring?

Rosario Castellanos was a novelist, short-story writer, poet, essayist, and diplomat who was probably the most important Mexican woman writer of the 20th century. Her 1950 master’s thesis, Sobre cultura femenina (“On Feminine Culture”), became a turning point for modern Mexican women writers, who found in it a profound call to self-awareness (Britannica). Based off the short biography, Rosario Castellano’s “Cooking Lesson” is the perfect postmodern piece of writing to discuss for three reasons. The first being throughout her entire “Cooking Lesson” she ponders a “recipe” to debunk stereotypical upper middle class gender roles, like being a “society matron”, later refuting her claims by sprinkling hints of feminist
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She writes, “What do I care? My place is here. I’ve been here from the beginning of time” (Castellanos 260). This quote depicts how the character is aware of how women have been thrown into this domestic lifestyle or “the housewife” role in society for generations. The character begins to have an internal dialogue, talking to the cooking book by getting irritated that it assumes that she is in on “the secret”. I believe that this secret is society’s social norms of women being domesticated rather than independent. She says “You observe the symptoms: I stand here like an imbecile…wearing the apron that I usurp in order to give a pretense of efficiency and of which I will be shamefully but justly stripped” (Castellanos 260). This describes how she feels towards social norms. She does not understand the concept of a woman being in the kitchen, mocking housewives, because she stands in the kitchen like an “imbecile”, or a stupid person. She also uses the word “usurp” to describe wearing an apron, which is ironic because “usurp” means to take a position or power of importance illegally or by force. This symbolizes how the narrator feels forced in an apron into the kitchen by societies social norms which has “stripped” her of her identidad unlike how she was before her marriage.
She writes using strong imagery next to facts about her life to make the audience think she is personifying with it. Once strong sentence is “Red, as if it
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