Is One Insurance Ever Enough?

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Is one insurance ever enough? The GAP in insurance in Automobile insurance
Alette Rivera
I. Background
a. Automobile insurance law
In the United States, there are minimum car insurance requirements that you must meet in order to drive your car on public roads. In 1927, Massachusetts passed the first law making it mandatory to have liability car insurance. After, liability car insurance became required in each of the 50 United States. The car insurance covers a vehicle no matter what State the vehicle is operating in, That is, if you buy insurance in one state and get in accident in another the car should still be covered, even though most states have different laws and each state law could deter your actual coverage . Beginning in …show more content…

There are also automobile policies for commercial entities, these include policies insuring vehicles with load capacities over 1,500 pounds, insuring more than four vehicles, garages, automobile dealers, repair shops, service stations and public parking places:Commercial Automobile Liability (Liability of the insured for Bodily Injury or Property Damage inflicted, Medical Payments, other coverages not involving damage to the vehicle itself); Commercial Auto Physical Damage (Comprehensive, Collision, and miscellaneous other coverages involving damage to the vehicle itself). Florida requires Property damage liability and Personal Injury Protection. Mandatory in no-fault states, Includes medical, rehabilitation, loss of earnings and funeral expenses. In some states PIP includes essential services such as child care.

Under FL law the definition for a motor vehicle is as followed:

69O-176.001 Definition of “Motor Vehicle.” ”Motor vehicle,” as referred to in Section 627.732(1), F.S.,

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