Is Organ Worth A Surgical Procedure?

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Donating time, materials, or even money is not difficult. However, what if someone asked for a body part? Would you consider it, or just turn away? Organ and tissue donating is a noble act of kindness, towards either someone one may know or even strangers. To be able to answer the previous question fairly, one needs to know all of the facts. Organ donating is a surgical procedure. In simple terms, it is removing a specific organ or tissue from a donor, and transplanting it into a recipient (Cleveland Clinic, 2014). Unfortunately, the recipient is receiving the transplant because his or her own organ failed, or is no longer functioning properly. When one needs a transplant, their name is put on a waiting list. In the United States, there are more than 122,344 people on the waiting list and a new name is added, on average, every 12 minutes (American Transplant Foundation, “Facts,” 2014). For many of the patients on the transplant list, receiving a transplant “offers the hope of disease cure” (Thomas & McKeown, 2012). One donor can save eight people with organs, and enhance 50 other people’s lives with tissues (Oxiem Brand Interactions, 2013). About 7% of the patients on the list, or more than 6,500 patients, die each year because they did not receive a transplant (American Transplant Foundation, “Facts,” 2014). On December 23, 1954, the very first liver transplanted from a living donor to a recipient took place. The transplant to place at Brigham Hospital in Boston, and was
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