Is Random Drug Testing Effective? Essay

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1. What type of reinforcement schedule does random drug testing represent? Is this type of reinforcement schedule effective or in effective why? a. Type of schedule: The type of reinforcement schedule represented by random drug testing is the variable-interval type of reinforcement schedule. In this type of schedule the time between reinforcements varies around some average rather than being fixed. It basically focuses on the amount of time that is elapsed until somebody is rewarded. In the event of this case study presented, the athletes after being given the drugs are rewarded on the basis of how well they have performed in a game which shows that the reinforcements varies around some average. The random and unexpected testing of the …show more content…

Random testing could also raise the point that it causes interference with one’s own privacy; yet it was a choice they had to make before choosing to play for their team. The best solution to this situation is to rather avoid using every drug, unless they are described on the allowed substances list. 2. Give application of reinforcement schedules in marketing? Schedules of reinforcements are the rule for identifying when and how often reinforcers will be delivered. The basic types of schedules are as following:  continuous and partial reinforcement  fixed and variable ratio  fixed and variable interval schedule These schedules are applicable in everyday lives of individuals. In respect to the application of Reinforcement schedules in marketing, we can find a lot of examples. For instance, with the use of fixed interval schedule, car dealers provide different incentives to the customers when they buy the leftover of the year’s car line in every summer and winter. (Rathus, 2004) An application of the fixed ratio can be of the frequent marketing program that companies carry out. An example of this can be of the JetBlue Airways which is an airline company. What JetBlue is doing that it gives its TrueBlue

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