Is Remuneration The Sole Motivator?

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Ever since the 1930’s there has been a considerable amount of research done to answer one simple question,’Is remuneration the sole motivator in a workplace and if not is it a demotivator’.Even today the question hasn’t had a definitive answer with many arguing for and many against. But in today’s workplace even if opportunities were unlimited it will be especially hard for people to create their ideal salary.In the past people only worked for remuneration as they had much less needs and the remuneration they got was enough to satisfy their limited needs.But in todays world with an unprecedented growth in technology and other areas like the internet has increased our needs drastically .In the past the approach of people towards life and…show more content…
The combined dataset included over 15,000 individuals and 115 correlation coefficients. The results indicate that the association between salary and job satisfaction is very weak. The reported correlation (r = .14) indicates that there is less than 2% overlap between pay and job satisfaction levels. Furthermore, the correlation between pay and pay satisfaction was only marginally higher (r = .22 or 4.8% overlap), indicating that people’s satisfaction with their salary is mostly independent of their actual salary.In addition, a cross-cultural comparison revealed that the relationship of pay with both job and pay satisfaction is pretty much the same everywhere (for example, there are no significant differences between the U.S., India, Australia, Britain, and Taiwan)’.I feel that Tim Judge’s thesis on the matter is right as over the years a higher percentage of successful people have claimed that it isn’t money but the work itself that motivated them. Examples of these people are Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and Marvin Bower.
But at the same time we must ask ‘Does money act as a demotivator in todays world’. I believe that while money isn’t the best source of motivation it definitely isn’t a demotivator by any means as it provides the initial basis for attracting a employee into a firm. If a person replies solely on money as
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