Is Safety Something We Should Sacrifice Privacy For Our Lives?

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Is safety something we should sacrifice privacy for in our lives? In this essay I will discuss if this is a moral issue, what makes engineers information more private than others, what national and state laws say about this issue and whether they are right, and what ethical theories you could use to solve this question. Safety of our country is important, but there is a fine line in this country, and particularly in the work place, between safety and privacy. I believe that engineering companies should not be allowed to go through employees’ messages or emails. First, lets examine why this is a moral issue.
The Webster dictionary defines moral as “concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior” (1). Whether employers of engineers should be able to read messages or emails of their employees is a moral decision. For the employers to read the emails of their employees can be seen as either right or wrong. People who see it right would say that the employees are employed by the employers, meaning that their emails or messages technically belong to the employers and they have the right to go through them. Other individuals including myself would say that the employers are invading the privacy of their employees, and the employees are not obligated by the company to have their privacy infringed upon. The constitution of the United States of America states that all citizens have the freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly. This means that employees of…

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