Is Technology Impacting The Way We Think?

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Throughout the year we have seen how technology is evolving and changing the world we live in. Not everyone has the same opinion towards this topic. As the year pass we start noticing that these advancements are affecting the way we think. For this reason, I came up with a research question. My question states the following, “Is technology affecting the way we think?”, if we pay close attention to this issue, we can see that this problem is affecting the whole world and not only a single part of it, since in this era everyone uses technology for everything. One will only notice this problem when they start thinking deeply about this and see how things have changed since they started using technology. In today’s world that is driven by …show more content…

We are so dependent on technology that we don’t see how it actually affects us. Technology in a way is making us dumber, lazier, and it also has its positive things like improving our reflex. No one would have guessed that what we created to make our life easier, would be affecting our brains. Now that technology is getting easier to use, everyone will be looking for the easiest and fastest way to solve problems and will end up endangering the world. The new generation is already lazy enough and with the improvements that technology is having, it will end up making them lazier, not all of them because there’s people who actually take advantage of technology and use it to help them improve their knowledge. But we can also see that many students don’t study anymore, they just look for everything they need on google, and this will eventually affect them. And if we don’t do anything about this, the future generation will be at stake, they will be looking for the easiest and fastest way to solve problems and will end up making their future harder. This issue will matter to the people who see that technology is making other people stupid, but it isn’t always like that, it depends on the person who is using it. People will get dumber and people will get smarter because of it.
I did some research on this issue and I found out that this issue actually affects a part of our brain. It perplexes me because I just thought about how it affects us in a

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