Is Terrorism Over Reported In The Media

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Is terrorism over-reported in the media? Do newspapers and reporters choose to speak too much of terrorist attacks? The Editorial Board of USA Today seems to think so, arguing that news organizations feed off of our fear of terrorism, fueling our fright by dramatizing and over-covering stories of terrorist attacks. They choose to respond to President Trump’s accusation of the media undercovering terrorism by attempting to convince and inform both liberals and conservatives of the problems with media. They strengthen their argument using scholastic diction and facts, creating an overall informative and reasonable tone. The Editorial Board believes that the media largely over-reports terrorism. However, to support this claim, they start out by presenting facts, stating that in a 12 year period, only 61 people were killed in the US by terrorists, while 204,753 were victims of murder. This immediate addressal to the counter argument makes the opposing side more likely to continue reading and consider their viewpoint. Providing these statistics make you realize how over-exaggerated this fear of terrorism is. It affects so few people that you’re more likely to be killed by a fellow American than a…show more content…
Their whole purpose is to scare people, and the media is fueling that fear. They are feeding off of our media-driven society, using it to their advantage in order to scare an increasing number of people. This leads you to realize that the media’s over-reporting of terrorist attacks just drives on the terrorists, making them realize that their tactics are working, so they’ll continue doing it. The Editorial Board calls these terrorist attacks “cowardly,” reemphasizing that although they believe that the media overcovers terrorism, they still don’t agree with the terrorists themselves. They don’t agree with the attacks, but simply think that it is given more attention than it’s
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