Is The Death Penalty Moral?

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Is the Death Penalty Moral? Yes “Justice is the first virtue of social institutions.”- John Bordley Rawls. Before any government can establish a border, before any government can form an unrelated policy, before any government can fully organize and progress, there must be an understanding among people that no matter your status you will be punished for transgressions against your fellow citizens. Most criminal actions can acquitted for by severing your time in incarceration or repaying the wronged party, however, there are some evil and malicious acts that no person can ever truly atone for: murder, rape, molestation, and treason. No, in situations such as these there is only one justifiable course of action, the Death Penalty. Capital punishment dates back all the way to eighteenth century B.C. to the kingdom of Babylon and is still a part of civilized society today. While the method may have changed due to technological advances the basic principle remains the same. To insure justice, those convicted of a capital offence must be put to death. One of the main arguments supporting the Death Penalty is that the execution of capital criminals will discourage potential criminals from committing crimes. David B. Muhlhausen, Ph.D, an expert in criminal justice, gave a statistic from Federal Communications Commission economist Paul Zimmerman in David’s article “Capital Punishment Works: It Deters Crime”. The statist claimed the there is supporting evidence that based on data

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