The Death Penalty Is It Ever Justified?

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Who places the value on human life? That was the underline thought in each one of the essays read, which were written about the death penalty. Throughout this essay I will be using examples from multiple sources. Marie Cartier “Right to Life vs Right to A Life”, Edward Koch “The Death Penalty: Is it Ever Justified?”, David Bruck “The Death Penalty” which is a direct response to Koch, and lastly Zachary Shemtob and David Lat “ Should Executions Be Televised”. It should also be stated that when talking about the value of life, this author is referring to the criminal, on death row for murder. As insensitive as it may sound we are writing under the thought that what’s done is done, now what? Who has the right to determine if this criminal life has value or not.
When asking the question who determines the value of life the majority would probably answer with God. Marie Cartier touches on this briefly in her essay “Right to Life vs Right to A Life". She lets us know that Catholics are against the death penalty. Their stance is “right to life”, which means just that. They believe that life should be valued from beginning to end, from conception to death. The Pope who could be revered as the head honcho in the religious community has stated that the death penalty is wrong and unnecessary. Marie gives us two statistics to help support the Catholics view of the death penalty. In the states where the death penalty has been abolished, those states all share a high catholic community.
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