Is The Deep Green Resistance?

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In contemporary society, the Obama administration has been dealing with a mass amount of activists groups protesting on various political and societal problems ranging from: racism and prejudice, women’s rights, poverty and welfare, capital punishment, violence, pollution, etc. Among these activist groups, as mentioned in the introduction, is the Deep Green Resistance. According to the Deep Green Resistances’ principles, contemporary society needs to reinstitute a new type of living style where nature and humans have a harmonious and humble relationship. Industrialized civilization, in their view, is the reason why life on earth has become destructive. Their task is to dismantle industrial civilization through resistance, that will create a better society for future generations. The resistance works to end the abuse from those with power, and those that are oppressed from social domination and subordination. They align themselves with radical feminists, who seek to eradicate women’s oppression and men’s view of women as only sexual objects. Through frontline activists, cultural workers, and the aboveground and belowground branches of resistance, this organization is letting their principles and goals for change known to others. Initially, the Deep Green Resistance will justify their actions from liberals as John Locke. This organization sees problems that need to be addressed and change, and Locke would - to some extent - support the resistance. Locke is a philosopher who

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