Is The Drive For Success Making Our Children Sick?

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Even though schools and instructors do not want a change and don 't consider the fact that success is making students sick, a strategy to encounter this would be to encourage college educators and fellow students to adopt in instituting a half-day off every other week. This strategy was implemented in Vicki Abeles’ essay, “Is the Drive for Success Making Our Children Sick?” In her essay, she argues about how children’s academic efforts and extracurricular involvement are “eroding children’s health and undermining their potential” (par.6). Therefore, when reading this, I figured that this strategy would be most encouraged to adopt at the Madera Community College Center. The strategy that Vicki Abeles provided will benefit the student to remember the lecture as well as help the students to have less stress and depression. Furthermore, in adopting a half-day off every other week will have its benefits, disadvantages and its obstacles to implement it. If Madera Community College implemented this strategy it would benefit many of the students to achieve success. Students would be able to have that half-day off to study, review notes, read their textbooks, develop their train of thought and complete their homework. For instance, the student would be able to have that extra time to finish everything on time without a rush as well as, to develop any questions they have. For example, I have many different activities in my life, where sometimes I turn my work without developing my
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