Is The Lengths Of Our Fingers Are So?

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Have you ever pondered why the lengths of our fingers are so disproportional? It exists to prohibit imbalance and so that human beings can have a firmer grasp on certain objects. Comparable are our lives against it since we also encounter endless struggles as well as contentment all tended to stabilize our lives which counteracts extreme exposure to any one of the situations. But what if we begin to shatter this stability in the greed to only gain the better of the two? Well, we commence to fight our fates and develop conflicts in our own paths without acceptance towards miscellaneous situations. The same is portrayed in the play, A Raisin in the Sun, where each member of the Younger family persistently endeavors to fulfil his or her dreams. Each of the member’s prime necessity is money in order to achieve a better lifestyle and to elevate in the minds of White Americans who deem African Americans as a meager race, excluding Beneatha, the daughter of the family who intends to engage more in her culture than just wealth. Unfortunately in the surge of their desires, both the American society and the Younger family forget the requirement of acceptance in their lives. In this play, the message that Lorraine Hansberry attempts to convey to us is that as human beings, we all should attempt to maintain acceptance towards certain situations in order to understand the opposition’s complications, to face the reality with strength and to avert racism and inhumanity.
Most of us keep a
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