Is The Story Unique And Interesting?

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Is the story unique and interesting? This journey through this fictional world of magic and destruction is reminiscent of Merlin style fantasy, and the author captures a unique setting and cast of characters capable of holding the interest of readers for the entire book. Does the story deliver on its premise? Looking for the Living Blade in order to unite the people in their kingdom is a valiant deed, that on the surface sounds like a wise plan to restore order to a people being raped and pillaged by mercenaries and criminals lead by mad men. As Suranna, Queen of Shinar, manipulates and enchants her subjects, the reader witness bravery and self-sacrifice. As a reader, did you enjoy the story? This reader found this profoundly enjoyable.…show more content…
It just seems out of character, so maybe some clear explanation of her feelings about him seeing her naked would make sense. Again on 547, Nora narrates noticing “nudity” simply because her leg is showing. What is causing her to suddenly develop this prudishness? Are there scenes that should be cut or shortened? It is necessary to state that this story is put together in a manner which makes the smallest scenes fit together for the greater good of story flow and direction. When Nora is attacked by the bear, it doesn’t feel as though this is included only to strengthen her relationship with Diaz. Instead the reader can actually believe that given the circumstances this could have occurred as described. Occasionally comments are made in the story which don’t fit the theme or storyline. Page – 615 “Yeah, he just got burned.” This is such a modern expression. Could this be edited or cut? It’s small but it felt glaring during this section. Overall, Chapter 63 gives feels clunky, as though it’s wanting to prove a point but can’t quite hit the nail on the head. Suranna indulges Bashan, but also leads him on regarding the Living Blade and the Kandarin Empire. This conversation seems almost pointless, unless Suranna wants Nora to emphasize that she truly is conniving. Does the story fit the genre? An impressive work of fantasy and adventure, Touch of Iron fits it’s genre.
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