Is The Story Unique And Interesting?

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Is the story unique and interesting?
This journey through this fictional world of magic and destruction is reminiscent of Merlin style fantasy, and the author captures a unique setting and cast of characters capable of holding the interest of readers for the entire book.

Does the story deliver on its premise?
Looking for the Living Blade in order to unite the people in their kingdom is a valiant deed, that on the surface sounds like a wise plan to restore order to a people being raped and pillaged by mercenaries and criminals lead by mad men. As Suranna, Queen of Shinar, manipulates and enchants her subjects, the reader witness bravery and self-sacrifice.

As a reader, did you enjoy the story?
This reader found this profoundly enjoyable. From the dynamic and strong willed characters to the gory imagery and macabre depictions of battle and life as a woman in a world of men running on pure animal instinct, the story is consistently flowing and exciting interest. There are strong feminist themes in this story that stand out so strongly it’s nearly impossible to avoid. Issues of rape, femininity, consent, violent masculinity, and dominance are glaring throughout the story. It makes for an intense read from beginning to end without being overbearing and completely uncomfortable.

Are there any confusing sections that need to be made clearer?
On page 534 Nora recognizes that Diaz must have seen her naked, but her noting this as though it’s highly embarrassing is contradicting…
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