Is There Too Much Pressure On Girls To Have Perfect Bodies?

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Is there too much pressure on girls to have perfect bodies?

For years our society has set high standards and expectations for girls that are most likely unreachable. I believe that there is way too much pressure on girls to have perfect bodies. Girls are expected to be a certain size, look a particular way and simply be perfect but when everyone has their own definition of perfect that makes it seem as if it is impossible. The pressure of being perfect can cause issues on a girl’s health and overall happiness. This perfect standard can cause a lack of confidence and pride for young women. Body shaming has been an ongoing problem for generations and generations. The typical stereotype of a girl is small, thin and curvy. Our society tends to judge girls based off of how they look rather than their competence. You may not realize it but we are constantly seeing images of the female body everywhere. We see them in advertisements, tv, social media, stores and anywhere else a woman's body could possibly be flaunted. So what is body shaming and why do we do it?
Body shaming is the practice of humiliating someone by making mocking and critical comments about their body shape and size. Most people body shame without even realizing that they’re doing it. Being thin and losing weight has been a thing since the 19th century. The first diet books were published in the 19th century but even then the obsession over having a lean figure was not infatuated over like it is today. In the

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