Effects Of Body Shaming On Men And Women

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Does Body Shaming Affect Men and Women? In today’s society we let the media decide everything in our lives from what clothes we should wear, music we should listen to, and how we should look. One of the biggest problems that both men and women face is body shaming, because the media sets standards for young kids and young adults., they often times try and fit the description of “perfect” which leads these people to either be depressed because they do not look like people want them to look or harm themselves in order to achieve the desired look. The most common ways the media shames both men and women are by celebrities and how they are the “perfect” body, publishing magazines of what is the ideal man and woman, and by the people who believe being “too” fat is bad and being “too” skinny is bad. First, lets analyze why the media ridicule both men and women’s body. Men have been more conscious of the fact that their six pack is not there. This makes them more self conscious of their bodies. Thus, celebrities have a huge impact in the social media. The body shaming trend stems from the fact people are likely to be more critical of images because that is what they are getting accustomed to analyzing. But to make a person feel poorly about their personal image is not okay and not the purpose why celebrities should do it. Social media gives us the complex ability to share almost anything with followers, and no one . Women see their favorite actress and wish to be like them. The

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