Is There Too Much Violence On Television, Movies, And Computer Games

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Is there too much violence on....television, movies, computer/video games? This question is increasingly heated debates in over the years. As the high technology in today’s world, movies and computer games are more realistic and sophisticated. The main consumers of these violent movies and computer games are children and teens around seven to twenty. Even some adults also play these violent computer games, but they don’t have much time for it because they have to go to work. These violent computer games and movies are related to blood, intense violence, strong sexual content, and the use of drugs. It just like encourages fighting and killing people. Many violent computer games and movies are created each year and there are thousand ways of violent acts in these things. In my opinion, the answer is yes, there is too much violence on television, movies, and computer games. There are also a lot of negative effects of violent games and movies on young people who play video games excessively. However, aggressive behavior is not the results of violent computer games, but the players with violent tendencies is more susceptible to act out their violence in real life. To understand this question, the most important word violence have to clearly define. Violence is the act that injure people or property by the use of physical force. Violence may cause physical pain directly to people who experience it. In some cases, it may hurt the emotion to those who experience or witness it.
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