Elements Of Southern Gothic Literature

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What do you think of when you hear the words Southern Gothic Literature? There are many books and authors who associate with Southern Gothic Literature. Examples, Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner. Listen to be informed and learn about something in a new, yet old and interesting way. Violence, irony and decay make up the body and stories behind southern gothic literature. Stown is a contemporary Southern Gothic Literature, because it shows elements such as violence, irony and decay in a new and more relatable way.
Violence has to do with any harm physically or mentally to a person or object. Violence is one of the main elements is Southern Gothic Literature. Violence is cruel and unusual and can happen at anytime to anyone. An …show more content…

John secluded himself in his own little place and was lonely. John, like others, aren’t alone and have people who care for them, they just can’t see it. Violence is one major element of Southern Gothic Literature, and irony is another.
Irony is something that almost every book or story has, but it is deeper and more connection based with Stown. Something that no one can predict is the future, people can wish, dream, and pray, but it is uncertain. Everyone has to move forward and move on, however, some, choose not. John fixed clocks, but lived in a whole old timey realm of his own. When Brian was first seeing John’s home he stated, “The whole place feels like it's of another time.” John fixed clocks, he fixed time and made it continue to move forward. Yet, he himself didn’t move forward and was stuck in the past. He was contradicting himself and his beliefs were different from what he portrayed. John wanted the world to be great and for people to be informed and think of how they are affecting the future. However, he himself wasn’t even living in the present. John was a genius of his time, but he kept himself hid away in the realm he built around himself. John’s mother wished for a genius. Mary Grace prayed, “Lord, please, just make my child a genius.” Mary Grace, John’s mother, sat on her porch with her bun in the oven and prayed for a genius. Her prayer was heard and she received a genius, but

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