Is a Mini Ice Age Imminent?

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Media propaganda is abound with the announcements of a “Mini Ice Age” in our mist. We are constantly inundated with Hollywood movies depicting global destruction with an onslaught of rapid global climate changes. Is all this news media accurate and depicting true and accurate events covering our planet and solar activity? As a reader begins to look deep into the rhetoric, they will notice that there is very little – if any – scientific data to support the coming of a “Mini Ice Age” (Mann) as indicated by the multiple media corporations. As many scientists have pointed out, we are experiencing global climate change – they just have not confirmed that is a “Mini Ice Age.” Hollywood has sensationalized the end of the world with movies…show more content…
During several years between approximately 1645 until 1715 – many areas within the northern climates experienced increased cold weather with streams and lakes frozen over for extended periods of time. This period of years has been labeled “The Maunder Minimum” (Hathaway) based upon the research of the astronomer Edward Walter Maunder ("Edward Walter Maunder"). Within his research, he noted the sun undergoes a cycle of sunspot activity and inactivity – this activity is also known as the magnetic activity. With the data that many researchers have gathers based upon Maunder – the earth is beginning to enter into another cycle of sunspot inactivity. Although we are beginning to enter the next cycle of sunspots, one major environmental concern we have now that was not a factor in the past is the CO2 emissions – known as greenhouse gases. These gases are having a direct affect to the warming of the earth (Shaw and Shaw) and although the earth is entering the next cycle of sunspots (Hathaway) – it still must contend with the increased gases and the warming effect those gases are having. Under historical situations, these sunspots would lower the temperature of the northern climates quite dramatically; however, due to human intervention and carelessness – the amount of harmful greenhouse gases has increased the

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