Is the Momentum of an Object Conserved When Collided with Another Object?, Prediction and Investigation

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Practical Investigation: Conservation of Momentum

Is the momentum of an object conserved when collided with another object (combined mass)?

I predict that the momentum before the collision will equal the momentum after the collision of the alternate mass pieces.
Experimental Design: Obtain the following apparatus: Dynamics Trolley (mass 0.8Kg) 3 different mass pieces (2Kg, Mass piece (200g) Ticker timer (50Hz) + suitable transformer Trolley Ramp (Important to have a smooth surface) Pulley (with a clamp attachment) Fishing line (sufficient to hold the mass piece above the ground) 30cm Ruler, pencil and note pad Measure the mass of the trolley and measure the mass of the mass piece used. Attach the 200g mass piece to the fishing line. Place the board on an elevated surface. It is important to raise one end of the boar at a slight degree (which may vary according to the dynamics trolley) Attach the pulley to the trolley ramp (non-elevated end). Plug in the ticker timer and place it at the elevated end of the ramp. Set up the trolley ramp, pulley, ticker timer(including transformer), fishing line and mass piece to resemble the following diagrams
Diagram 1:

Diagram 2:

Thread the ticker timer paper through the ticker timer and attach it to the dynamics trolley at the elevated end. Attach the end of the fishing line to the mass piece and attach the other end to the Dynamics trolley. Start the

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