Is the Religion of Hijab Oppression

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Hijab, is it another word for oppression? In the fifteen hundred years of existence this norm in the religion has ignited dispute that has still not been resolved all over the world. According to BBC news Hijab has been banned in countries like France, Netherlands, Syria, Belgium and Spain. As they believe that wearing Hijab is domineering and degrading towards women. I strongly believe that banning the Hijab is a desecration of one’s religious beliefs and freedom; it is also an object of controversy. As Hijab is a covering that portrays ones level of sophistication, When a Muslim woman wears Hijab it is a sign of poise and vanity and a way to earn respect from others. Moreover a woman who wears the Hijab is bearing the flag of Islam. Yet people do not apprehend the fact that Hijab protects a woman from unsolicited attention and it also prevents from making them sexual displays. Frequently Hijab is alleged as a demonstration of men’s power over women, why? Could it be because they do not follow the latest trends or fashions? A Muslim woman should be looked upon equally as opposed to a woman who is not wearing the Hijab. I believe that they should be respected equally in the society just as any other religions customs wearing the Hijab in Islam is given momentous prominence. During an interview with the Nobel peace prizewinner about the hijab she states, “Man in early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what

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