Isaiah 6 Research Paper

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Sometimes in life we forget the importance of the Bible and God. We get caught up in what other people think that we forget. We are always being tested by God to grow stronger in our faith. Everything that God not is for a purpose. He does this so that if we ever do have doubts about Him we can look back to those hard times and realize that it was for this purpose that God let this happen. This essay will include three main topics truth, faith, and conflict.

Isaiah 6 is 1 out of the 1,189 chapters in the entire Bible and almost everyone can relate to these verses. King Uzziah was a very powerful man, and a great ruler if I must say. He was a very well respected man, he brought wealth, strength, and prosperity to his people. King Uzziah was just like a present day Barack Obama, he was a very famous and powerful man. God struck King Uzziah with leprosy and he died. All of his people were distraught and furious because so …show more content…

We know the story as the man who was thrown in with a bunch of cute lions and God saved him from the lions. Daniel was a fantastic man clean record never did anything wrong, this made it hard for the people that wanted Daniel in jail. The only thing that he could be held accountable for was praying and worshipping God. So he was thrown into the lion’s den for praying to God. His faith was tested at this time. He could have been angry at God and hated him for making him go through all of this, but he wasn’t. He had faith in God that whatever would happen it would be for a reason. When I need God the most I talk to him and ask him if he can help me for whatever the situation is, but then when everything is fine and the day is normal I forget about everything. This chapter opened my eyes to see that at any time God can test our faith with Him. We must first build up our trust and our faith so that if a situation ever did occur we wouldn’t just be needed God in that

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