Isis: A Narrative Fiction

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“Mr-row,” Isis greeted, bumping my cheek with her nose. A smile softened my face as she licked my face, cleaning me of the dirt and tears. “Hello Isis,” I murmured, petting her smooth, black fur. Her coat was dusty and turned her black fur into gray- to be honest, the fact that she was alive surprised me but I was thankful. Isis had been with me for a very long time, and I didn’t want to lose another friend tonight. The tension in my heart lessened its knot and I felt much more peaceful than I had before. I’d often idly wondered if Isis was a mutant cat. Sometimes she seemed to have special powers. I sat up, forcing Isis to hop off of me. Standing up, I brushed the dirt off of my dress and started to make my way back to the others. Though I had no doubt that they didn’t want to see me, I knew I should get back. …show more content…

The light rays showed the dust motes that were still floating through the air. I felt as much at peace as I could until I made it back outside. The others were sitting near the entrance on the benches. Looking at them, I felt my chest tighten again. I started walking slower, hoping to deal the inevitable. But as soon as they saw me, they pretended as if they couldn’t see me. One by one, they each avoided my gaze. Alex glared at me when I first tentatively entered but even he looked away. They all looked exhausted and

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