Islam As A Religion And Saudis

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As a Saudi Muslim, the two social identities I want to talk about are Islam as a religion and Saudis. Religion is an organized set of beliefs, cultural systems and worldviews relating humanity to an order of existence. Religion contains various laws and prohibitions that guide people in every-day life. Muslims who share the same religion see themselves having a communicative relationship with one another. Interpersonal communication and social relationships are two-way processes of exchanging ideas and sharing concerns in a Muslim environment. Saudis are the people of Saudi Arabia. The latter is an Arab country in Western Asia, bordered by Jordan and Iraq to the north, Kuwait to the northeast, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to…show more content…
Men often wear Qamis when they want to go to the mosque. In terms of symbols, Islam prohibits to wear symbols, however, it does not prohibit having religious symbols at home, such as framed Suras (Verses) from the Quran (Islam’s holy book) hanged against the wall. Most of the practicing Muslims have framed Suras at their home. Nevertheless, Muslims do not hang pictures of their prophet (Muhammad) on their walls because it is seen as prohibited in their religion. In fact, any personification of any prophet is seen as prohibited. Muslims are good at interior architecture, as it seen as beautiful and glorious. Muslims are known for the unique and artistic style in interior design, which is influenced by the Gold Age of Islam when they were in Andalusia. Most of the Muslim interior design is inspired from the Arabic calligraphy and the Quran. In terms of sound, Islam has specific codes of behavior on the manner Muslims should speak and even sound. Though only a few Muslims in Saudi Arabia speak slowly, Islam advocates to speak slowly and softly, as it is a better and a likable way to communicate. Muslim Imams in Friday prayers’ encourage the sender not to scream while transmitting a message so that the receiver understands the message clearly and reply the same way. However, this aspect is not applied everywhere. The Muslim attitude is an abstract value in Islam. Muslims are usually compassionate about their religion and their prophet. Almost every aspect of life
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