Religious Art

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Arts purpose is to provoke feelings and interpretation from the viewer of the use of art and turned it into a sub genre of art.The purpose of Religious art is similer to non- religous art as it is made to show feelings and interpretation. But the art is made to have a religious feeling about it and made for religious interpretation. Also it is made show an represent religious imagery to portray a religious message to the viewer. It is portrayed in a religious theme to show that the message of the painting has a religious theme or message to it. The purpose of religious art is show through the religions of Christian,Buddhist and islam which give us important events and important figures in their religion, give us a meaning,…show more content…
This universally used way is shown through how buddhist art is similar the christian art as their images have a full influences from figures in Buddhists with Buddhas Bodhisattvas, notable figures in Buddhist from real life or in the beliefs of Buddhism, narrative scenes,mandalas and also physical objects that have a assocation with the Buddhist religion such as Beells and or Vajras. Christian art is used as a way to show's themes and imagery relating to Christianity as religious images of Jesus and scenes from the bible are commonplace in a Christian area.These similarities to each other show that is has been used and has been effective in mediating religious meaning to the viewer

Through Buddhism and Christianity use of religious art is commonplace,the islamic religion is is much different han Buddhism or Christianity erent in its uses of religious art. There is a prescription in Islam of representing a sacred figure in an artwork such as Muhammad or Islamic prophet.But there i as there is less religious art in Islam than Buddhism or Christianity. Also Islamic religious art is more prominent on the walls of Islamic architecture like Mosques unlike a piece of
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Music can be a way to express your religious beliefs and show religious meaning such as how the Christians use it for a expression of belief of Christian faith. Unlike other religions Christian music is not restricted to a Christian holy place as it is available everywhere and can be played everywhere due to technology such as smartphones or bands playing as their is no restriction today in where you could play Christian music. This also means that the religious meaning of the Christian church can be mediated everywhere as it is available everywhere to listen to. Also Church music of Christian Religious music has a different style than other Religions and music in general. With the Gregorian chant the church uses it gives their music different feel and sound than others which makes is content to them but also gives a connection to the listener of the music as the feeling is that the Gregorian chant can make a connection with the listener to the music. With this it shows that the art of music can be used to mediate religious meaning as the lyrics of the song or the feeling that the music can create a connection between each
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