Islam Is A Religion Of Violence

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In the article “Islam Is a Religion of Violence”, Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses the long-debated question of whether Islam is a religion of violence or peace. Islamic terrorism was brought to the forefront of American and Western awareness on September 11, 2001 with the crash of the twin towers. More acts of terrorism committed by Muslims followed throughout the years in different parts of the world. To understand the cause of Islamic terrorism, Ali divides its adherents into three categories: the fundamentalists or the “Medina Muslims” who envision a regime based on Islamic religious law, the clear majority or the “Mecca Muslims” who are not inclined to practice violence or even intolerance towards non-Muslims, and Muslim reformers or…show more content…
A year after moving to the U.S., she established the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation to help protect women in the West against “militant Islam”. The author’s efforts to strive for her goal and the recognition she received shows she has gained the public’s attention and takes her stance against Islam seriously; however, despite the background, her writings on criticism of religious texts are still debatable and unsuccessful.

The article, “Islam Is a Religion of Violence”, is organized in a manner that makes it easy to follow the argument. The author presents a question and then attempts to answer it, but it is evident the conclusion is already decided from the title. This bias dictates the critical tone on the analysis of the Islamic texts. It also leads to a strategic use of words and exclusion of critical information to appeal to the particular audience of Muslims and non-Muslims who have some knowledge of Islam. It is interesting that the author makes an important distinction “between Islam as a set of ideas and Muslims as adherents” as the statement creates a logical fallacy against her thesis. It can be inferred that the religious texts are only writings on paper; the people who follow the ideas interpret it to be peaceful or violent. From the beginning of the article, the author’s argument creates a contradiction. Furthermore, it is acknowledged with the separation of Muslims into three groups that the problem is Islam’s followers and
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