Islam and Great Awakening Essays

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Alexandria Lopez
October 16, 2014
Hollitz Chapter7
What is the connection between the ‘’democratic spirit’’ of the American culture in the nineteenth century and the appeal of insurgent religious groups of the Second great awakening, according to Nathan Hatch’s essay? What role did the American Revolution play in growing appeal to these groups during the awakening, according to the essay?
Nathan Hatch compares the Second Great Awakening to the Jacksonian era. He states that the men trying to persuade other people to join their religion was like tyrants trying to get people to follow them. That just like the beginning stages of the revolution, this was a time of power struggle for religious leaders. Hatch writes ‘These movements
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Do the primary sources offer alternative explanations for the appearance of the Second Great Awakening? What do they indicate were the major sources of support for it?
The primary sources go to prove that the Second Great Awakening was more brought on by the desire for another type of freedom then that of wanting more groups that can be controlled and create power. Like I explained previously a lot of the expansion was caused not necessarily by the leaders having good ‘talking skills’ but that the actual practices let the people develop a new sense of freedom. In Frances Trollope’s passage even though she’s explaining the meeting to be a disturbing site she shows how much power it gives to the women. The sermon was loud and she said the women were crying and clapping and excited and sad. All these emotions were enlightening to women who before were kindle just expected to sit quietly. The major source shown through the primary sources were that these groups gave meaning to people who before had none.
What clues does the evidence provide about why different social groups were drawn to insurgent religious denominations for a more emotional style of religious worship?
This answer also goes into my last two. I talked about the women before but it also appealed to the Africans and workingmen. The groups were less concerned with having educated leaders which made for easier understanding when they spoke. The average
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