Islamic Age And Western Influence On The Islamic World

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Since the attacks on 9/11, Americans have passed judgement on the Islamic culture as a violent religion. However, many Americans are ignorant to the fact that Islam is practiced throughout the entire world and not just run by extremists and violet people in the Middle East. People can learn about Islamic culture by learning the origin of Islam in the Qur’an and through Mohammed and his teachings, the Islamic golden age and western influence and modernization on the Islamic world. Mohammed was the last prophet of God and the origin of Islam was through his life and teachings and the Qur’an. At the age of 40, Mohammed struggled to know the meaning of life so he “developed a habit of retreating periodically to a cave in the mountains to meditate.” (Ansary 19). One day, a presence (angel Gabriel) visited him and commanded him to “recite!” (Ansary 19). Mohammed was terrified thinking it was an evil spirit and sought comfort from his wife Khadija, whom he married at the age of 25 and had children with. Khadija immediately knew it was God calling him into service and she became his first follower. Mohammed began teaching and preaching the word of God publicly and gained a massive following. This upset the people of Mecca because it was ruining business and money making for them, so the Quraysh tribe set out for Mohammed’s assassination, which several of his uncles were involved in. The country Yathrib was in need of a leader and several people of…
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