Islamic State And Boko Haram

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With the traumatic events that occurred on November 13th, 2015, many politicians and media hosts have responded by attacking the religion of Islam as well as the groups that perpetrated these events. Often referring to the beliefs held by groups—such as the Islamic State and Boko Haram—as a radical and medieval version of Islam, these individuals are not wrong in a sense, but rather they are failing to notice that no ancient religion is peaceful or nonviolent. It is true that the beliefs that are held by members of terrorist groups are archaic, but it isn’t because the culture and system of modern Islam is medieval in itself, but because the terrorists that are perpetrating these are attacks are modern fanatics of the olden days. If one were to look at another major religion’s history, such as Christianity, one would notice that there have been similar moments of religious fanaticism through acts such as the Crusades.
Using “discourse” about the Middle Ages, contemporary writers are able to give an image of Islam that makes it seem inherently medieval, violent, and dark without realizing that other major religions have already done similar acts of violence. By referencing the Middle Ages alongside Islam, contemporary writers are able to create a stereotype of Islam being centered on medieval beliefs while ignoring the fact that every other religion and culture is also composed of archaic beliefs which can be seen through Ibn Fadlan. The only true difference is how the
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