Island Of The Aunts By Eva Ibbotson

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In the novel Island of the Aunts by Eva Ibbotson mysticism is used to address serious topics that are rooted in reality. The problem plaguing the Aunts that drives them to their decision to kidnap children is their concern about the Island and its continuing existence as a shelter for creatures, magical or otherwise. The reason they are so overwhelmed with the continued care of the Island is that there have been so many visitors staying on it, and while it is never explicitly stated, a theme of environmentalism is evident throughout the book. It is never named as such, but the aunts’ determination to protect their home and its inhabitants speaks toward this message.
The sisters, or aunts, Etta, Coral, and Myrtle, are not evil people. Although kidnapping children, in particular, is generally a negative action, carried out by villains to demonstrate how terrible they are, it is quickly shown that these women, are instead planning to do so out of desperation for the survival of their home. One reason for their sense of urgency is that the aunts often watch nature programs on the television. They see the horrible things threatening the environment across the globe. Right before they begin to devise their plans they view a show threatening the rainforest, there was a “particularly bad one with wicked people burning and slashing the tress, and pictures of the monkeys and jaguars rushing away in terror” (Ibboston 5). There is no mistaking how the aunts feel about deforestation, an

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